“My first impression of Canada is very good. Toronto is a big and quiet city. Most people here are friendly and there are many animals too. I like being here very much! Through the ESL and EAP classes I improved my English skills. I am very happy to meet some friends and good teachers. Hanson Language School is very good, always very demanding but I like this school. If my friend wants to study English, I would recommend Hanson Language School.”

Tina Que Yue


“I am very glad I studied at Hanson Language School and I think it is a good school. They have helped me achieve my goal which is to be able to speak to people without the aid of a translator. I have improved my communication skills a lot! Now I can talk to other people and yes, it could be difficult at first, but I really enjoy it and I am happy. I was also able to learn about other cultures. I like the environment at Hanson Language School, the teachers and the class. I will recommend Hanson Language School to my friends and family.”

Janet Guerra, Brazil


“My first impression of Canada was “this is way colder than I thought”. What I like about Toronto is how big the city is and how there are people from everywhere. People are very nice and polite. The city is well organized and clean. Even though I have been here for 10 weeks already, there are still many places to go. My educational goals are to go to Cambrian at Hanson College for Business Program. Hanson Language School has helped me with preparing me for how close it will be like in Canada as it is a bit different then what I am used to back in Dominican Republic. What I like the most are the school trips 😊 and the teachers, they are really friendly, nice and fun. There is a very pleasant atmosphere which makes learning easy and fun. I would definitely recommend this school to my friends.”

Mary Anyelly Pena Peguero

Dominican Republic

“My first impression of Canada was its silence, and it was clean. Everybody is kindly but moving very slowly everywhere. Life is relaxed. I like the nature in Canada. When I came to Hanson Language School I studied level 400 and level 500. I want to improve my speaking and then maybe I will go to college. Hanson is very helpful, thanks to the teachers. I recommend Hanson Language School to my friends and neighbours.”

Bomi Choi


“The teachers are very friendly and helpful with us. My goals are to improve my English and finish the program. Hanson Language School helps me to learn English, learn new vocabulary and grammar but specially it helps me improve my pronunciation. Now I have friends from other countries and I can practice English with them while we talk! ”

Nallely Guerra, Brazil


“Canada is a very beautiful place and it is great to live in because there are people from many countries and from different cultures. At Hanson Language School, the classes are clear, and they have helped me a lot to gain confidence using the language. I wanted to learn English to be able to communicate by myself, without a friend helping me. The schedule is great to work and study and yes, I would recommend Hanson Language School to my friends and co-workers.”

Sebastian Rey



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