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What Hanson Language School Students Say

Janet Guerra

“I am very glad I studied at Hanson Language School and I think it is a good school. They have helped me achieve my goal which is to be able to speak to people without the aid of a translator.”

"I have improved my communication skills a lot! Now I can talk to other people and yes, it could be difficult at first, but I really enjoy it and I am happy.

I was also able to learn about other cultures. I like the environment at Hanson Language School, the teachers and the class. I will recommend Hanson Language School to my friends and family.”

“Hanson Language School is very good, always very demanding but I like this school. If my friend wants to study English, I would recommend Hanson Language School.”

Tina Que Yue


“There is a very pleasant atmosphere which makes learning easy and fun. I would definitely recommend this school to my friends.”

Mary Anyelly Pena Peguero

Dominican Republic

“Hanson is very helpful, thanks to the teachers. I recommend Hanson Language School to my friends and neighbours.”

Bomi Choi


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