Student Policies

At Hanson Language School, students are responsible for their own education. With this in mind, we ask students to read, understand, and sign our student enrollment contract. The rules and guides are as stated below:

Responsibility: Our teachers work hard to prepare you for success. However, you must do your part as well. It is critical that you study your course content each night and complete all homework assigned to you.

Conduct: Hanson Language School is committed to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community where students, staff, volunteers, and visitors can work and learn in an environment that respects the dignity and worth of all members of the community. All students will be expected to abide by the school’s Code of Conduct.

Use of technology: Cell phone use is a privilege. If you use your phone for non-class activities, you will be kindly asked to put it away until the end of the class.

Attendance: Full attendance is strongly encouraged in all courses and a minimum of 75% attendance is expected in each class regardless of program length. Three times of lateness is counted as one absence. The rule for lateness is at the discretion of the instructor. Instructors will take attendance twice a day at the beginning of each session. First at the start of the class and then after students come back from break. Any extra hours that a student would need to make up will be the student’s responsibility and extra fees may apply.

Academic Reports: In choosing to pursue ESL studies at Hanson Language School, students commit themselves to evaluation by designated faculty members. The following letter grades are used in student academic reports:

A – 80%-100% Outstanding, excellent work

B – 70%-79% Good, competent work

C – 60%-69% Adequate, reasonably satisfactory work

D – 50%-59% Minimally acceptable work

F < 49% Inadequate work

• A minimum of 70% is expected in order to meet the academic performance requirement needed to complete a course of study

• Official Academic Reports and Certificates of Completion will only be issued on the final day of class outlined in the student’s Letter of Acceptance, provided that both the minimum Attendance and Performance requirements are met.

Documentation Hanson Language School does not and will not retain or withhold your passport, Study Permit, or similar document under any circumstances. Admission Policy

We are excited that you have selected and entrusted us with the great honour and responsibility of your education. The first step you need to enroll in one of our programs at Hanson Language School is to make sure you meet each of the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 16 years old

  • You must provide personal documentation

  • All fees must be paid before student start date

  • You must write the placement test at the school



We are available 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, to answer your questions about our programs, locations, activities, accommodations and more.

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