Summer Camp

Hanson Language School welcomes students from all over the world to participate in our program.

Our education and recreational programs improve the students’ language skills and allow for an enjoyable experience in and around Toronto.

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Who enrols in our Seasonal Camp?

Teens between 13 and 18 years of age come together to practice their newly-acquired language skills while exploring the multicultural Canadian culture. Traveling at an early age benefits students by granting them confidence, independence, global awareness, and international understanding.

By incorporating international travel with our summer camp program, HSL provides a safe and secure environment where students learn language and culture in a comfortable setting amongst many new and wonderful experiences.

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Daytime & Evening Activities

These are compulsory for all students participating in one of our camp programs: admission fees are automatically taken for each excursion during the students scheduled program dates.

HSL provides a fun-filled educational program where students will meet friends from all over the world and learn Canadian culture. Our evening program includes supporting students in personal care tasks to promote independence and personal growth. Students are supervised at all times.

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Airport Services

All students attending a seasonal camp must book airport services with HSL unless travelling with a Group Leader or responsible adult.

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Airport Pick-Up (Arrival in Toronto)

Meet-and-greet service on arrival by the driver or member of HSL staff. On arrival, students may be required to wait for other students prior to transportation to their accommodations.

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Airport Drop-Off (Departure from Toronto)

On departure, students travelling without an adult will be checked in by HSL staff or the driver.  Students travelling with a Group Leader will be dropped off at the terminal entrance and the Group Leader will be responsible for check-in.


We are available 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, to answer your questions about our programs, locations, activities, accommodations and more.

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